If you aren’t registered to vote or you don’t have voter ID the Knowle West Alliance network want to offer you access to apply.  

We are offering opportunities in the week to apply online and print off ID.   

We believe that it is important for people to have their voice heard and want to break down any barriers for people to exercise their right to vote. We are not advocating for any political party rather we are advocating for the community. 


People can register to vote online, by June 18th, on Register to vote 


If they need voter ID they can do this the government website: Apply for photo ID https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-photo-id-voter-authority-certificater (called a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’)  

You only need to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if: 

  • you do not have accepted photo ID 
  • you no longer look like the photo on your ID 
  • the name on your photo ID is different to your name on the electoral register 

Apply for photo ID to vote 

It’s free to apply. You’ll need: 

  • a recent, digital photo of yourself 
  • your National Insurance number 

You can still apply if you do not have a National Insurance number. You’ll need to provide other documents to prove your identity, for example a birth certificate, bank statement and utility bill. 

If you don’t have a computer and/or printer: 

The Health Park we can help Wednesday mornings 10am-1pm – please call the office to check (0117) 3772252 

Knowle West Media Centre are open for people to come and access computers and / or printers Mon – Fri 9-5 

Filwood Community Centre IT room: ask as reception for Katie Bruce, 10am-5pm on Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 13th June. 

The Park Centre – Monday’s and Fridays during opening hours.  Ask at reception.