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Young people on the button with green pledges

Green pledge

Young people from South Bristol joined a Knowle West charity this month in committing to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

On Wednesday 12 August Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) revealed its 15 “green” pledges – and a group of young people taking part in the organisation’s Summer Programme did the same.

They pushed a green button supplied by Bristol 15 which has travelled round the city to help organisations launch their pledges.

The Do 15 in 15 campaign was started by Bristol 15 in April this year, to encourage people to pledge their support for Bristol’s year as Green Capital – and commit to do something to help make the city a healthier, happier city for everyone.

KWMC Director Carolyn Hassan explains: “Some of our Do15 pledges focus on expanding our existing work – such as using innovative digital monitors to measure heat, noise and air quality and ensure that we have a healthy working environment for staff and visitors.

“Others will maximise the potential of this building, such as relying more on rainwater collection and cultivating the outdoor space to include a beehive and more fruit and veg plots.”

Other actions are new, such as the pledge to reduce single-car journeys by purchasing an electric bike for use by staff, and starting a car share scheme.

The young people aged 9-18 devised  their own Do15 pledges at KWMC and have also been imagining what Bristol could look like in 15 years if all of the Do15 pledges are achieved.