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Support for young carers

Image courtesy of Carers Support Centre.

To mark Young Carers Awareness Day on 30 January – a Bristol charity is raising awareness of available support – and urging schools to get involved.

With many children taking on huge caring responsibilities at home – Carers Support Centre is asking local schools to join the Young Carers in Schools programme.

This is promoted by Children’s Society and Carers Trust – with schools throughout the UK taking part.

The charity says young carers struggle to keep up with their schoolwork, are often bullied at school, and have significantly lower educational attainment than other children. 

Carers Support Centre also found 75 per cent of young carers have been absent from school due to the physical and mental impact of their caring responsibilities.

The charity helps schools with inset days and training for staff, governors and pupils. Schools can then set up support groups, homework clubs and drop in sessions for young carers.

Young Carers Manager, at Carers Support Centre, Kama McKenzie, said:
On average young carers will miss a day of school each month as a result of their caring role, so the steps schools take to identify and support them can have a huge impact on their learning, wellbeing and life chances.”

Both young as well as adult carers can also have a Carer’s Assessment from the charity which looks at the impact caring has on their life and health.

The assessment often leads to a small one-off payment to give them the chance to take a short break or do something for their own wellbeing.

Schools and individuals can get in touch with Carers Support Centre. Visit for more information.

To find out more about Carer’s Assessments you can also ring CarersLine: 0117 965 2200, on Monday to Thursday 10am–1pm and Mondays 2–4pm or email 

For more information about Young Carers Awareness Day on 30 January, run by the Carers Trust visit