Women of Knowle West

2018 marks 100 years since the right to vote was extended to some women in Britain. Activities and celebrations will be taking place across our city and country this year and Knowle West Media Centre is keen to make sure that the women of our community are recognised and remembered.
Beginning on International Women’s Day (8th March 2018), KWMC is gathering stories about amazing Knowle West women and creating a special Women of Knowle West gallery here at www.knowlewest.co.uk

A selection of stories so far…

Makala (celebrated by Lewis)

“For 15 plus years, Makala has worked tirelessly to engage, inspire, build strong relationships and strive to make a difference to the people of Knowle West. As a resident, she truly cares about the area and its potential.”

Julie (celebrated by Aimee)

“The woman who is special to me is my mum. She is my absolute inspiration. After everything she’s been through with trying to raise me and my brother outside of a hard divorce, money struggles and losing both her parents during her adult time period, she still got up and worked hard to get where she is now. She’s worked her way from the bottom to the top becoming a manager, owning her own house in Knowle and has raised both me and my brother with a good set of morals to walk confidently through life with. I don’t think in life we tell the women in our family thank you enough for doing and putting up with everything they go through. Thank you.”

Share a story

Do you know an inspiring woman or group of women from Knowle West?  If so, KWMC would love to celebrate them! She could be well-known or known only to you. Maybe she’s a friend, relative, or neighbour. She could be someone you’ve never met, an inspiring woman who has passed away, or a historical figure.

KWMC is keen to hear about:

– women living, working or volunteering in Knowle West (past and present)
– historical figures with a connection to Knowle West
– groups of women
– women of all ages and backgrounds

If you’d like to share a story, please get in touch with KWMC and tell them:

Your name and contact details
The name of the woman / group you’d like to celebrate
Why they’re special to you (100 words or less)

You can e-mail us at enquiries@kwmc.org.uk, call 0117 903 0444 or text 07520 634144.

Everyone who sends at least one story will receive a free photoshoot session later this year!*


Stories: Stories will be published at www.knowlewest.co.uk. They may also be displayed at Knowle West Media Centre (for example, in their annual showcase event) and feature in publications created by KWMC (such as their annual report).

Privacy: KWMC understands that some women may appreciate being put forward for the collection but may wish to remain anonymous or keep details of their story private. KWMC may need to seek permission from a woman or group of women before their story is included, or edit the story you have submitted to protect their privacy.

*Photoshoot: everyone who shares at least one story before 31st May 2018 will receive a free photoshoot session from KWMC. KWMC will offer at least two dates for you to choose from and dates will be confirmed soon. Photoshoots will take place at KWMC and will last approximately 15 minutes each. You will need to come ready to be photographed: make-up and styling is not included.  After the photoshoot you will receive digital copies of photographs taken during the session.  KWMC will retain the copyright of these pictures; you are welcome to print them or use them for personal use but KWMC asks that you contact them if you would like to use them for other purposes (such as for business).

Texting: The text number is a text-only number and calls will not be connected. You will be charged your standard network rate.