Wi-Fi blocks on Filwood Broadway

Brightly coloured blocks have appeared on Filwood Broadway – with the aim of allowing young people to access free Wi-Fi.

They are the result of a nine-month project run by Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) and youth organisation StreetSpace Knowle West called Making Together – to allow young people in BS4 to “feel safe and claim their space.”

Megan Ballin from KWMC explains: “… A group of six young women aged 11-16 worked together to design, build and paint these blocks. 

“The girls wanted a sheltered space where they felt safe and where they could access the free Wi-Fi from their local youth centre … The blocks will be reviewed and hopefully become a permanent part of Filwood Broadway.

‘This project has been unbelievably inspiring and a perfect example of the positive co-creation we achieve when we work with young people…”

The new installations were built and painted at KWMC and wheeled along the streets to the Broadway. Megan reports so far feedback has been “really positive” with lots of young people and adults “showing their gratitude and appreciation for the new blocks.”

The blocks being spray-painted at KWMC prior to installation.
And later wheeled to Filwood Broadway.

Lily (16) who was involved in the project said: “…They are different and unique and they give other people a different aspect on how to create things for other people to use and they also provide a different perspective for people to think about on why we all chose those designs.

“Also, the project impacted me by giving me an opportunity to keep myself occupied after going through a rough year and gave me the chance to find new interests.”

Megan Ballin (left) from KWMC with Lily on the new Wi-Fi bench on Filwood Broadway.

To give feedback on the installations on Filwood Broadway – the community can use the QR codes attached to the blocks.