Where are the 12 Stars of Xmas?

This Christmas, artist Lisa Cole has used leftover wood from the Walk of Hearts and Stars to make 12 Xmas decorations. With the help of local artist, Brislexic and reindeer extraordinaire Claudia Collins from Knowle West Beaches and funding from Filwood Fantastic, ten of the stars are in shop windows all around Knowle West and two are in Knowle.

Each star has a QR code and a website link to some very special stories and songs by local folk. There are also ideas for things to make, cook, listen to and sometimes there is a bit of history about Christmas. (Do you know why we sometimes call it Xmas? Some people say it was abbreviated by a scribe in 1021, others say the X is Greek for Christ.)

Need a map?

All the stars are on the map but if you can’t get out of the house to see them you can visit by clicking on the links below each picture.

Visit virtually

The knitted nativity is in the window of re:work
The reindeer is in the window of Filwood Library
The happy snowman is at Knowle West Health Park
The shooting star is in the window of re:work
You can find the wrapped up star in the Sandwich Stop
The Xmas tree is in the window of Londis, next to the bus stop
The shiny decoration star is in the window of the Mayfair Chinese Takeaway
The shiny snowflake is at Studio S
This musical star is in the window of Nikki Jaine’s Light Bites
The robins are at Knowle Barbers
The red and white star is at the Park Centre on Daventry Rd
The star shaped bird feeder is low down for the robins at Redcatch Community Garden