What will happen to Snooker City?


Story and picture by Community Reporter Charlie Watts

Residents have been fearful Snooker City could close – with the car park it is underneath set to be knocked down due to the redevelopment of Broadwalk Shopping Centre.

But Broadwalk has said it wants to relocate the club permanently within the centre and talks are currently taking place.

The 30-year-old snooker club boasts around 2,000 members – including many from Knowle West.

Local resident Kirsty Roberts  is a regular at Snooker City – which she described as a “family club”.

She said: “I’ll be devastated if Snooker City went. It’s the only place you can actually take the kids. There’s never any trouble.”

Snooker City manager James Anderson echoed Kirsty’s concerns.

He said: “The problem is, it’s a very fine margin between needing a development and getting a development that’s right for the people that are here.”

A spokesperson for Broadwalk Shopping Centre admitted the snooker club will be forced to close if the car park above it is knocked down, which has “structural issues”.

He said: “Regeneration plans will see the demolition of the car park and as a consequence, the club will need to close for health and safety reasons.

“Initial discussions have taken place with the owner to see if they can be accommodated within the shopping centre during the redevelopment work.

“Within the long term scheme proposals there is the opportunity to relocate the club permanently within the centre and discussions will continue directly between the owner and developer.

“It is very much hoped that Snooker City will remain in and be a part of the regenerated Broadwalk Shopping Centre.”