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Val leaves Neighbourhood Partnership Office

Val Talbot in the Neighbourhood Partnership Office on Filwood Broadway.
Val Talbot in the Neighbourhood Partnership Office on Filwood Broadway.

She’s been the welcoming face of the Neighbourhood Partnership office – but after 15 years Val Talbot is leaving this month (December).

Val worked first in the Neighbourhood Renewal Office based at Filwood Community Centre which then became the Neighbourhood Partnership. She moved to the current office on Filwood Broadway in 2005, working as an administrative business support worker.

Living herself in Knowle West, she says the main thing she will miss is “the relationship with the community and helping the residents”.

She explains: “My role has been a mix – from organising meetings and signposting residents to data input and giving grant information…

“I’ll miss the people – new people to the area see the council sign and often this is their first port of call and I’ll signpost them. Here they can speak to a person instead of on the phone. They come in for all sorts, sometimes just a cup of tea and a chat.”

Neighbourhood Officer Lloyd Allen who has worked alongside Val describes her a “an oracle of connections and useful information”.

He says: “Val is a huge resource in terms of experience and local connections …when we do a piece of work we always check with her first.”

Neighbourhood Manager for Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill, Andrew McLean says: “She will definitely be sadly missed and personally a big loss for me as she’s been a source of signposting and information in the area and I’m hoping because she lives locally she will still be a resource in the area…”

Val says although December 16 is her last day in the office, with a send off party – she will still be a part of Knowle West.

She promises: “As I live here, I’ll still see everyone about in the community.”