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TwinERGY households ‘meet the experts’ at round table gathering

Full podcast released of event!

Who were the real experts at our recent round table gathering – which gave participants the chance to meet members of the TwinERGY team?

It was the project’s first in-person meeting which took place at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) in May – where householders could ask questions about the tech being installed in their homes.

University of Bristol researcher Sam Gunner and Bristol City Council’s Matt Jones were on hand to de-mystify some of the equipment.

But the residents also knew a thing or two to feed back to the group and could enlighten everyone with ways they had been saving energy.

Making the most of your solar panels

Bev was making the most from her solar panels and doing her washing when the sun was shining – as well as constantly checking the app on her phone to see how much was being generated and when she could use things.

Clive reported how he had his main meal in the day time and cold food at night to save energy, avoided peak times of day and with careful planning had managed to cut his usage right back.

In a relaxed informal setting – designed to appear like a living room – participants were able to find out about the Equiwatt which would start being installed in their homes in June.

This would allow them to see exactly how much electricity they were using at any one time – and would come with two smart plugs to go on appliances of their choice.

A popular game at the start was for everyone to guess from a display of different household appliances which used the most energy – from a kettle and TV to a microwave and lamp – with Sam then testing each one on the Equiwatt.

Which appliances use the highest wattage?
Sam Gunner (right) from University of Bristol tests the wattage of a microwave with the help of Annali Grimes from KWMC.

It made everyone realise that a full kettle used far too much energy – and that even on standby their television was costing them money – around 4p a day would add up over a year if left on permanently.

“I’ve learned to be a bit more careful using electric around the home…”

Following the session and chatting to other participants over a meal – residents said they had all left learning something – whether from the ‘experts’ or from each other.

One said: “It was so interesting and informative. Lots of tips on energy use and efficiency and how to save energy – also what objects take what wattage.”

And another: “I’ve learned to be a bit more careful using electric around the home…”

You can listen to the conversation below: