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Tribute to cheerful Chris from The Flower Stall

Chris Feltham (left) with daughter Claire Ferris.

Sadly Chris Feltham – who ran The Flower Stall for the past 25 years both on Melvin Square and Jarman’s passed away in May.  

The shop has now moved over the road to 67 Leinster Avenue and been taken over by her daughter Claire Ferris – who has stopped selling vegetables but will continue doing flowers for gifts, funerals and weddings. 

The family writes of Chris: 

“She was known for her cheerful smile and loved to work and would have continued working for many more years. Claire will remain doing the flowers as that was what her mum would want her to do – doing a job that she was good at. 

“If someone was down, Chris would always make them feel right and more positive. People would often pop in for a chat. We’ve moved the shop as it’s much smaller and easier for one person to run.  

“We’d like to thank all our loyal customers for their kind words and thoughts at such a sad time.” 

The Flower Stall at 67 Leinster Avenue is open 9am-5pm; Wednesdays and Saturdays 9am – 1pm. Tel: 07904 767 893.