Trees planted on Filwood Broadway to “increase canopy”

Main image and below: trees being planted on the green at Filwood Broadway. Pictures James Smith.

Nine trees have appeared on Filwood Broadway this week – as part of a scheme to plant 590 street trees across the city and “transform neighbourhoods.”

Bristol’s Greenstreets, funded by the Forestry Commission, will see 59 wards with low tree cover, including Filwood, given up to ten trees.

People living nearby have been consulted about the position and species of trees they would like.

It is also hoped volunteers from the communities will be involved in looking after the trees – with six planted on the green in front of Filwood Community Centre and three opposite the library.

Bristol City Council has been working with the Forest of Avon Trust and Bristol Tree Forum on the project.

The benefits of having more trees in local streets include slowing down climate warming – as trees absorb carbon dioxide – improving air quality and reducing local flooding.

They also provide shade on hot days, encourage wildlife and improve wellbeing.

Filwood Tree Champion, James Smith, who has been involved in the project, says the council has committed to increasing the tree canopy across the city.

He says: “Filwood, as well as suffering deprivation, has low tree canopy cover, as have other areas, also chosen. Research has shown, that trees are good for mental and physical health, as well as for the environment.

“My role as Filwood Tree Champion was to leaflet Filwood Broadway regarding this scheme and liaise on the day…”

Trees planted include a silver birch, a holly and an atsura – which has autumnal colour and gives off a scent of ‘burnt sugar’.

The different types have been selected as they have smaller leaves, so they won’t block out large amounts of sunlight and shallower roots to not cause subsidence.

Some of the new trees planted near the play park on Filwood Broadway.

In Bristol’s One City Plan launched in January 2019, the council pledged to double the city’s tree canopy by 2046.

For information on the Greenstreets project visit:

If you would like to get involved in the care of the trees, contact Anna Brunton by emailing