The landscape is changing

By Stuart Ferris 

The Knowle West we have all come to love is rapidly changing. For better or worse?  

Where there were open spaces for kids to play, dog walkers to exercise their hounds and generally people enjoying – green areas are now being viciously eaten up by housing developments.  

This wouldn’t be a sore point  – but it now seems every available green space in and around Knowle West is being utilised for the sole purpose of developers to stick homes upon. Of course most people would agree more housing is needed, however at the expense of an already established community, it seems a step too far.  
Another thorn in the side of many residents is the wilful neglect of Filwood Broadway, which was supposed to be redeveloped eons ago, stuck in time at a point where the local council gave up on it and it has been left in a terrible state.  

Those of you who, like me, are tired of funds being pumped into new housing – but not amenities for the already established good folk of Knowle West, it’s time to make yourself known. Write to local MP Karin Smyth and Mayor Marvin Rees and voice these concerns.