The Bristol City Council Regeneration Plans


The Knowle West Regeneration Framework is a series of proposed improvements to the area to be implemented over the next 20 years.

Knowle West in South Bristol has been identified as a key priority for investment to promote growth in this part of the city.

The elements to successfully carry out this framework will include:

  • 2,000 new and improved homes
  • New employment opportunities
  • Better transport links
  • New shops and a supermarket
  • Improved parks and play spaces
  • Better community facilities.

The overall aims of these proposals is to provide better employment and housing opportunities for local residents, greatly improve the facilities available to the community and improve access to and from Knowle West with the rest of the city.

Regular consultation with the local community also led to the creation of the community vision: 13 improvements that are a key component in achieving the aims of the Knowle West Regeneration Framework.

The 13 objectives are:

  1. Income through employment
  2. Improve health and well-being
  3. Widen local choice of housing size and tenure
  4. Refurbish existing housing stock
  5. Improve and develop primary school provision
  6. Reinforce a close-knit neighbourhood
  7. Access safe, ecologically rich, open space
  8. Pride of Place
  9. Build a future-proof community
  10. Improve access to low-cost transport
  11. Public community initiatives in advance of private investment
  12. Improve arts and culture
  13. Develop play and youth facilities by planning with young people

Find out more about key projects and future plans here.