Community News

Sun shines on ParkFest

Main image: Members of StreetSpace creating a mural. Picture Lewis Campbell.

The second ParkFest went off with a bang at the weekend – with art and live performances in the sunshine attracting people from across Knowle West.

From commercial dance with students from Bristol Grammar School and a drama workshop run by the Tobacco Factory to arts and crafts and jewellery making – there was a host of activities for all the family at The Park in Daventry Road.

Director Emma Hinton who was running a home made cake stall said: “It’s been fantastic, it was a spin off from Knowle West Fest and we wanted to do something just based here and encourage people here on site to do things. We’ve been really lucky with the weather… We’ve got a real mix of things happening  – it’s about bringing the community together…”

Director Emma Hinton mans the cake stall.
Batala Bristol – samba reggae and street drumming group.
LazyRiver Jazz and Swing band. Picture supplied by The Park.

The Lazyriver Jazz and Swing Band followed by street drumming  from Batala Bristol helped capture the festival spirit and drew the crowds – while behind The Park visitors to Andy’s Haven found an oasis of calm.

Here produce is grown to sell locally and families had the chance to see the livestock on site which includes 32 hens, 17 turkeys and 27 ducks – as well as two geese,  goats Dolly, Molly and Roly and latest edition, Jess the pig.

Andy who runs the site says: ‘We’ve had up to 70 people today, the most we’ve had at a festival and the children have been feeding the chickens and turkeys…”

Andy with his flock of chickens at Andy’s Haven.

Nearby, A Ride in the Park which runs cycling classes at the centre was giving visitors the opportunity to try out their bikes – which ranged from electric models and tandems to trikes.

Rob Dyer from Ride in the Park gives seven-year-old Zoya some cycling tips.

StreetSpace, a local organisation for young people aged 11-19, held a workshop with graffiti artist Nick Halahan to spray paint a mural on one of the centre’s walls.  Members also provided DJ sets during the event with some of the Youth Moves team.

Jack from StreetSpace doing his DJ set.
Square Food Foundation Cookery School making pizzas at the event. Picture supplied by The Park.

Grier Ewins (41) came to the event with her five children ranging in age from two to 14. She says: “We enjoyed the drumming, and the cake stalls… I’ve come to keep the kids occupied, it is definitely a good idea – there’s something for everyone…”