Star 9 – 12 Stars of Xmas

Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?

A mince spy!

Can you spot the star record in the door of Nikki Jaine’s Light Bites?

Rock ‘n Roll Star

Nikki Jaines Light Bites is a 50’s style café and Bakery based at Broadwalk, Bristol, that also offers a delivery service. The cafe will take you right back to the 1950’s with loads of retro fittings and you might even see Audrey Hepburn! You can read more about how the cafe started here.

Their star hangs in the doorway and it is made out of a record! It is quite easy to shape vinyl when it’s warm and you can heat it gently in the oven as long as the doors and windows are all open, and as long as you are not ruining a good record! This one was made from a bad pressing of a drum and bass track that jumped on the turntable! No good music was harmed in the making of this star!

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Let’s have a merry retro Christmas!