Star 7 – 12 Stars of Xmas

What is Santa’s favourite sweet?


Can you find the shiny star in the corner of the May Fair window?

Jingle Bells Remixed!

This lively song was made by young people from Jump Studios at KWMC. You can hear another of their songs and read more about them by visiting the Snowman Star.

The history of baubles

Before the shiny baubles we put on our trees now, people used to decorate with apples, iced pastries and plain white candy canes. The candy was to keep children quiet through long religious services.

In the middle of the 16th century, glass baubles were made by artisans in Germany but they were not mass produced until the 1880s. You might be surprised to see a map of what Knowle West looked like then.

This map shows the Ordnance Survey map from 1894 to 1903. It is mostly fields with the exception of the Novers Hill Hospital. The map is from a really good website called Know Your Place that lets you overlay maps on top of each other so you can see what it used to look like.

This is the old Novers Hill hospital, it is where Knowle DGE Academy is now