Xmas Stars

Star 5 – 12 Stars of Xmas

What’s Santa’s favorite type of music?


Did you spot the star present in the window of the Sandwich Stop on Filwood Broadway?

Breathe again

This song by Makala Cheung who sings as KALA CHNG was in response to the lockdown. It’s has beautiful lyrics and an amazing video.

The very talented Makala Cheung from Filwood Community Centre

What do you want for Christmas?

I like presents you can eat and this website has a big list of edible gifts you can make at home.

Wrapping gifts

If wrapping presents is guaranteed to get you out of the Xmas spirit this video has loads of tips. If you are a dab hand with the ribbon you might get some extra ideas too.

Eco friendly wrapping

Most wrapping paper can be recycled, unless it has any shiny bits on it. If you are interested in a more eco friendly alternative have a look at Furoshiki which is the Japanese art of wrapping gifts with cloths. It’s a great excuse to buy scarves at your local charity shop.