Star 4 – 12 Stars of Xmas

Why did the cow visit outer space?

To see the moooon!

Did you see the shooting star in the window of re:work?

Feliz Navidad

Here is a lovely video of our very own Julian Wood singing Feliz Navidad which is Spanish for Merry Christmas. He only started learning the ukulele in September with the amazing local Uke Lift Project in BS4:

Kindness is really important, it can reduce stress, improve self esteem and even help you live longer!

What is The Art of Kindness?

Julian set up The Art of Kindness, to help us grow in kindness towards ourselves and others, and so to make the world a better place. He spotted some graffiti on his cycle into work one day which said ‘Looking Good’. It really cheered him up and he would look forward to seeing it on his daily cycle.

Julian said: “I’m in 12-Step recovery and we use lots of short phrases like ‘This, Too, Shall Pass’ and they help me lots. So my art is a combination of what I love most, and the idea that we are all artists, and all need beautiful things and words to lift our spirits on a day-by-day basis. My messages seem to be really resonating with people right now. I’m getting so much lovely encouragement from people I know and strangers! I used to be more political and environmental in my messages, but now realise that what we all need more than anything is reassuring and encouraging words while we navigate life. Kindness is a powerful force, perhaps the most powerful one?”

Julian has been putting little messages and bags full of kindness all over the city and Bristol Live noticed! He doesn’t get paid for the work he has done to make people happy, you can help him continue by donating through his fundraising page.

The Art of Kindness is appreciated!
Have you spotted any of Julian’s kind messages?

10 ideas to be kind

  1. Smile at someone
  2. Give someone a compliment
  3. Put a neighbours bin back for them
  4. Surprise someone with a phone call just to say hi
  5. Hold open a door for someone
  6. Donate something to a charity shop
  7. Greet strangers you see regularly – I find that if you relentlessly say ‘good morning’ to even the grumpiest of people, eventually they crack and say ‘good morning’ back.
  8. Pick up and recycle some litter
  9. Tell someone they are doing a brilliant job
  10. Offer to help when you can

Fold a shooting star

How about making some shooting stars to carry your own kind messages?

About re:work

re:work are a charity that offers real work experience to young people who struggle in mainstream school in landscape maintenance and gardening, retail and catering.  They also have volunteering opportunities for over 16s that help develop individuals’ strengths and make a real difference to participants’ employment and training options.