Star 3 – 12 Stars of Xmas

What do you call a snowman on wheels?


Can you find the happy snowman in the window of Knowle West Healthy Living Centre?

This beautiful song was made by young people from Jump Studios at KWMC.

The young people made their tracks using an online music making app called Soundtrap, which is really fun and easy to use! This track was made during a Saturday festive song remix workshop Jump Studios did online via Microsoft Teams. They run more music making activities at Sound Wave on a Wednesday evening 4.30-6.00pm.

Mike the project manager at Jump Studios said: “We’ve had to adapt our programme online due to lockdown (like everyone else), so using free and accessible online music making software (like Soundtrap!) was key for us!”

Make a snowman

It might not snow in Bristol this year but you can still have your very own snowman. Here is a video that shows you how to make one out of socks!

Eat a snowman

And here are some recipes that are suitable for young children with the help of adults. They are tasty for all ages!

Marshmallow snowmen (no bake)

Melting snowman biscuits

No bake marshmallow snowman cookies

Slightly healthier coconut snowmen