Xmas Stars

Star 1 – 12 Stars of Xmas

What do little donkeys send at Christmas? 

Mule-tide greetings!

Can you spot the donkey?

This is the first of twelve stars of Christmas. Brought to you by Fillwood Fantastic. Each star has a link to a page on the Knowle West website, and each page will have fun things for you to listen to, watch and do. The pages will be updated as we get more things to add so please keep checking back in.

Star 1 is a knitted nativity scene in the window of Re:store. It fits in very well with the teddy bears picnic! If you can’t see it because the shutters are down the opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8am to 4pm.

The family are nice and warm!

Did you notice the donkey? He is very happy because the children of Greenfield E-Act Academy have sung a song all about him.

little knitted donkey
Click on the donkey to hear a song.

All the stars are decorated from scrap materials, even the stars are leftover from another project, do you know what it is? Here is a big clue!

If you are in a knitting mood, here is a little tutorial that shows you how to make stars.