Spending a penny in Filwood Broadway

Reporter Kerrie Nicholson and Manager of Filwood Hope Pearl Aitken.

With public toilets being closed across Bristol – Community Reporter Kerrie Nicholson looks at where you can go in Filwood Broadway if you get caught short…

 Filwood Community Centre has toilets by the main hall which people can use.  Manager June McNeill says: “I wouldn’t say no to anyone because it’s a community centre.

 “The front door is open all day Monday and  the evening and on a Tuesday morning. People using the cafe use the toilets by the hall as well. We have a small disabled toilet by CIP and people can use a key or ask for help and able bodied can use it as well. I leave at 4pm…”

Filwood Hope has one toilet which the public can use. It’s open every week day morning from 9.30am – 1pm.

Pearl Aitken Manager of Filwood Hope says: “..People do use it already – all ages come in. We are open every week day morning… I would say people from the age of 40 upwards is by far the majority who ask.”
Filwood Library – doesn’t have a public toilet for visitors taking out books – but people attending groups can use it and pre-school age children.
Other shops say they would make a judgement call – or send the person to Filwood Community Centre or Filwood Hope. Badham’s  would not be allowed to let customers use their toilet as it is a pharmacy but would send customers to Filwood Hope.