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Speeding cars in Wallingford could ‘kill a child’

Neighbours in a Knowle West road have come together to start a Safer Streets campaign – fearing speeding cars could kill a child if something isn’t done soon.

People living in Wallingford Road say they want to get the council to “acknowledge the need for traffic calming measures” before it is too late.

One resident, Ms Jones said: “…People use Wallingford Road as a cut-through to Hengrove Way and we’re concerned this is only going to increase with people avoiding the new metrobus route.

“My partner and I had our cat run over last year which cost us £3k in vet bills and the driver didn’t even stop. This year we’ve taken two cats out of the road that have been killed, again, no one stopped.

“We’ve seen children nearly killed by passing cars turning into the street from Leinster Avenue and only today I saw a little girl who lives on the street get forced into a parked car because someone was driving too fast to slow down and give her the space she needed…

“We’re interested to know if anyone else in Knowle has had any luck with a safer streets campaign, and what people have done to get the council to acknowledge the need for traffic calming measures.

“I really don’t want to have to wait for a child to be killed before someone at the city council starts listening. They need to acting, now…”

She said several of them had contacted local councillors about the issue but had not yet received a response.

Wallingford Road where speeding cars are causing concern for residents.

20mph signs ‘don’t work’

 Another resident, Mr Richards said: ‘I’ve lived on this street for over 10 years and the traffic has always been a problem but seems to be getting worse, if anything.

“I don’t know why people have to drive so fast but I can’t see that changing unless we get speed bumps – the 20mph signs don’t work.”

Councillor Chris Jackson said he had visited the road with a PCSO and a speed camera three times at different times of day. Evidence was needed before approaching Bristol City Council to install speed humps.

He said: “I have tried to set up a community speed watch with cameras in the road. If anyone is interested in being part of this they should contact me.”

Community beat officer for Filwood, PC Ben Blackmore, said the speed watch was “an excellent idea” and he would be happy to set one up with Cllr Jackson.

Residents’ groups

“There are also two residents’ groups running in the local area who deal with these types of issues… Inns Court and Melvin Square – residents are more than welcome to attend these meetings and voice their concerns about speeding cars.

“These residents’ groups were created for this type of problem to able residents to speak directly face to face with the correct authority needed…

“In the meantime I will conduct high visible patrols in this area on foot and I am always happy to stop and speak with the residents regarding their concerns.”

Anyone interested in starting a community speed watch should contact Cllr Jackson on 0117 3533163 or

For details of residents’ groups, check out noticeboards, The Knowledge ‘Dates’ or Facebook