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School of Christ the King awarded Good rating

A team from Ofsted awarded the Good rating again to School of Christ the King in Filwood after a short inspection at the end of the summer term.

Inspectors were  impressed with how parents, school staff and the parish as well as the wider community work together to give children the best.

They described it as a ‘welcoming, caring school’, where there is “a very positive atmosphere in classrooms and teachers have high expectations of pupils.”

Ofsted also reported strong relationships between parents and the school saying: “The school reaches out to the local community in a very real way… parents speak highly of the school.”

One parent echoed these views  saying: “I couldn’t wish for a better school for my children. All of them love coming to school here, all [are] doing brilliantly academically and should any worries or concerns arise they are always dealt with amazingly well.’’

The inspectors also recognised the journey of improvement the school is on, commenting: “Despite the strong gains of recent years, the school shows no signs of complacency… staff make every effort to ensure that any obstacles to learning that are placed in the way of its pupils are overcome.”

Headteacher Matt Condon said: “We are pleased that the inspection report recognises the achievements of our children, families and staff in our community. It was a lovely way to end the school year and gave us even more confidence when we came back in September.”