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No Public Drinking Zone For Filwood Ward
Street drinking and related anti-social behaviour (ASB) has been reported as a local priority by residents of the Filwood ward in different parts of the area over the last few years, and most recently at the August Neighbourhood Forum. As part of efforts to tackle these issues Bristol City Council has proposed to set up a No Public Drinking Zone to cover the affected areas.

Map of proposed no public drinking zone for Filwood

What Is A No Public Drinking Zone?
Bristol City Council is proposing to make an order that will designate parts of the  Filwood ward as a No Public Drinking Zone. this will mean that the Police will have the power to stop people consuming alcohol and the power to confiscate opened drinks cans or bottles containing alcohol 24 hours a day. this will help reduce problems caused by street drinking in the area such as littering, urinating in the street and unacceptable behaviour. It should also help reduce some of the feelings of intimidation that have been reported by members of the community where groups associated with this behaviour gather.

What Area Will The No Public Drinking Zone Cover?
The No Public Drinking Zone will cover a large part of the Filwood ward, including Melvin Square, Inns court, Filwood Park, Leinster Avenue and Newquay Road. Signs will be displayed to show where the order can be enforced. there will be zero tolerance in areas within this zone where street drinking is associated with ASB (see map).

Have Your Say
Have you been affected by street drinking? We want to hear your views whether you live, work or use services within the proposed area. between now and Wednesday 14th November 2012 you can contact us:

– In person: visit the Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership Office, 37 Filwood Broadway, Bristol, BS4 1JL

– By phone: Valerie Talbot on 0117 908 4247

– Online: