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Residents’ group works to improve road safety at Inns Court

Main picture: Inns Court Residents Group cutting back vegetation along Inns Court Drive. Left to right (back):  Chair David Wood, Fliss Barton from Bristol City Council, and Heather Pickford. Front Jenny Young and Diane Bowden.

A local residents’ group which works to tackle issues around Inns Court turned out today to cut back vegetation to improve road safety in the area.

Inns Court Residents’ Group (ICRG) meets monthly at the Holy Cross Church next to the community centre, assisted by local beat officer PC Ben Blackmore and Carol Casey, an Independent Advisor for Avon and Somerset Police.

Local people can bring problems to the group – such as littering and anti-social behaviour – and ICRG will try to help solve the issues, working with local agencies.

Today (24 September) they had a “cut back and clear up” session on Inns Court Drive with help from Fliss Barton, a Bristol City Council park keeper.

Member Jenny Young said: “You can’t see round the corners and they drive so fast round here that people coming out of the side streets and crossing the roads can’t see what’s coming. The idea is to cut it back so you can see the road…”


Left to right: Diane Bowden and Jenny Young shifting a tree branch.

Heather Pickford who organised the day said they would be getting assistance from the newly formed Melvin Square Neighbourhood Group in the afternoon.

She said: “We’re looking at anything in the area and work with the Melvin Square group as well, if they have a project that needs help and support. So we can all muck in and work together in the Knowle area.

“If this area is all cleared people won’t dump their rubbish and if they do we can see it straight away and get the council to come and get it…”

Chair of ICRG, David Wood said they had already completed another successful project to clear one of the back paths in Inns Court to free it of rodents.

He said: “This was brought to the group as people want to return to the good old days when you could cross over and see the traffic.”

Inns Court Residents’ Group meets at Holy Cross Church next to Inns Court Community and Family Centre on the second Monday of the month at 12 noon. Melvin Square Neighbourhood Group meets on the third Monday of the month at the Hub, Connaught School from 12-1pm.