Holly Rolfe

I decided to mix past and [intlink id=”172″ type=”page”]future in my Filwood Broadway[/intlink] project. I chose to use quite ornate old buildings along with Bristol hippodrome and Victorian style people, with the contrast of a cityscape in the background, full of skyscrapers. I added in a horse and cart for the old style, but made it futuristic by adding robot horses instead of normal ones. I then converted the whole picture to greyscale and added a sepia tone effect, to give the picture and old style feel. I chose to frame it in a big, quite ornate, gold frame to add to more of the old style.

Filwood Broadway - H Rolfe

I hope when they [intlink id=”172″ type=”page”]re-develop this area[/intlink] they don’t ram it full of flats or put in another large supermarket chain. I’d quite like to see in there is a nice green space, somewhere you can hang out with your friends, possibly even with a park to include younger children. There could be a skate park too, which would create another hang out place. They could have a couple of small shops near by, things like newsagents and cafes, where people can go and grab lunch in easy walking distance to the park, or just get some sweets and snacks.

Holly Rolfe 2009

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