Knowle West Conversations

Bristol City Council and Consultants Urban Initiatives have been working with members of the local community, local organisations and landowners to develop a regeneration plan for Knowle West.

These proposals are the result of a series of meetings and workshops with the Residents’ Planning Group, the Knowle West Team and Bristol City Council.

Proposed developments in Knowle West include new houses, new and expanded centres for shopping, improved transport links and more community, youth and sports facilities.

Exhibition boards outlining the proposals were put up in community locations including the [intlink id=”618″ type=”page”]Mede Centre [/intlink], [intlink id=”603″ type=”page”]The Health Park[/intlink], [intlink id=”605″ type=”page”]The Park[/intlink] and Filwood Broadway.

Convesations at The Park - 2

Local people could browse the exhibition or be guided by representatives from Urban Initiatives if they wished. On average, the consultants spent between 25-40 minutes discussing the ideas with each visitor!

Convesations at The Park - 3

Using a ‘traffic light’ system, local people placed coloured stickers onto the boards to reflect how they felt about each proposal: red if they disagreed, yellow if they felt it was generally moving in the right direction but needed more work, and green if they approved. Around 25% of people also left written comments.

Convesations at The Park - 1

On Sunday 15 November a group of young people playing on Filwood Broadway joined in; they interviewed people coming to the exhibition before chairing a spontaneous panel discussion where they quizzed the consultants!

Conversations at The Mede

During the 4 days, Urban Initiatives also visited local groups and organisations to discuss the proposals, including schools, businesses, churches and social clubs.