Public asked to help stop wildlife spreading rubbish

A new city-wide campaign is urging residents to be responsible with their rubbish to stop wildlife spreading it.

“Don’t let critters spread the waste” is the message from Bristol City Council and Bristol Waste Company who are encouraging residents to use bins or if full take their rubbish with them.

The council says If people leave their rubbish in a bag or next to the bin, wildlife such as gulls, foxes and rats can get hold of it and spread it around.

Litter Critter animal installations will feature on 150 bins from this month (July) in ‘hot spot’ areas across the city centre with the message ‘Don’t feed the litter critters!’.

This summer the council is also employing 13 additional grounds maintenance staff to work in its parks and green spaces.

Staff will also be working shifts outside core operating hours in order to empty bins more frequently. Temporary additional bins have also been provided in several busy parks.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees is supporting this latest Clean Streets initiative, saying: “Keeping Bristol clean is all of our responsibility and we’re trying to educate people about the consequences of littering.

“During the summer there is usually an increase in the amount of rubbish left in Bristol’s parks and green spaces. We want to encourage people to help make the city cleaner for everyone, so we can all enjoy the summer months.”

The council is also encouraging people to take their picture with one of the 150 bins across the city and share it on social media using the hashtag #LitterCritters. Content can also be shared from the council’s  Facebook page and Twitter @BristolCouncil.

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