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Positive Futures

george13feb15-9486George Ferguson, Bristol’s elected Mayor, visited Knowle West on Friday 13th February. The weather was wet and, yes, he had visited the neighbourhood less than two years ago – but George arrived in the area with the full gusto of a man on a mission.

He arrived at 9am at Knowle DGE and was taken on a tour of the school. George spoke with teaching and support staff about the services for pupils and their plans for the future. With the rain continuing to fall, we headed off to the Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy to join in with a celebration of one hundred days of the school being open for children. Next on the agenda was a visit to the Knowle West Health Park where an open and frank discussion took place about some of the major health issues for local people.

George then spent some time with the board members and staff of the Filwood Community Centre, listening to their vision. Towards the end of the visit he met with members of the local community in the hall of the Community Centre and discussed issues including the lack of shopping facilities (specifically a supermarket) in the area, public transport, local jobs and training, and the proposed changes in the political ward boundaries.

Will Knowle West be any different the next time the elected Mayor visits? Let’s work and hope for a positive future for our area.

By Andrew McLean, Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator