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Plans for long-awaited Household Reuse and Recycling centre in Hartcliffe Way

Visitors viewing the Hartcliffe Way site at a public event on 11 June.

A public event to present plans for a long-awaited Household Reuse and Recycling Centre for South Bristol took place this week at Hartcliffe Way Street Cleansing Depot.

But local people will still have the chance to comment on the proposals until 3 July.

Bristol Waste Company, which held the event, is in the pre-planning phase for the redevelopment of the Street Cleansing Depot to create the new centre – which could be opened next year.

It has been a long time coming – with Bristol City Council putting £2 million aside for the Hartcliffe Way site back in 2012 and including the scheme in the European Green Capital bid.

An online petition for the site was also started in September 2018 saying a recycling centre in South Bristol would help solve many of the issues of “fly tipping and the state of the local environment” and be more accessible to local people.

The proposed redevelopment will cover the whole of the existing depot and extend into the area of council-owned land to the south.

The recycling area will be situated at the back of the site, on the upper level – with vehicles driving up onto a platform to deposit their items.

There will also be a facility where residents will be able to deposit and buy items suitable for reuse. This will be near the entrance, with parking bays available – so it can be visited independently without having to drive through the recycling facility. It will also have pedestrian and cycle access.

Following concerns about traffic problems – Bristol Waste is currently in talks with the council’s Highways Department to make sure “the impacts to traffic on Hartcliffe Way are minimised.”

A spokesperson from Bristol Waste Company said: “It is critical that the traffic that is visiting the site does not have a detrimental effect on Hartcliffe Way, therefore we have ensured that there is sufficient space on site to manage the level of visitors anticipated.

“Access to the site will be improved by building two new bridges across Pigeonhouse Stream. To build these bridges it is anticipated that we will require a temporary access road to be built via the adjacent site which will minimise disruption to traffic on Hartcliffe Way during the construction phase…”

Environmental consultants The Landmark Practice will be undertaking biodiversity surveys and ecological studies of the site. Any trees removed during the redevelopment will also be replaced.

As well as the public event, Bristol Waste Company has sent the draft plans to local groups and is still taking comments and questions on them until Wednesday 3 July.

These comments will then be considered through the final design stage before the organisation makes its planning application.

There will also be the opportunity for formal comments on the planning application itself – which is due to be submitted by the end of July.

If plans are passed, construction of the site should start mid 2020 and will be open by the end of the year.

To view the draft plans contact