Planning consent for first UK BoKlok development in Knowle West

Planning permission has just been granted for the first BoKlok development in the UK – to be built on Airport Road in Knowle West.

Swedish developer BoKlok specialises in sustainable and low-cost factory-built homes – and is jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA.

The new development near the Creswicke Road entrance, not far from Filwood Green Business Park, will provide 173 family homes.

The site on Airport Road where 172 new homes will be built.

These will be available for market sale – as well as support social housing schemes by Bristol City Council and local housing associations.

The new scheme is a reduction from the original 200 homes planned for the site and there have also been changes to the original plans – after consultation with the community.

These include changing access to Ilminster Avenue, altering the position of some of the homes to keep residents’ privacy and changing house types to increase the mix of the properties.

Bristol City Council’s Planning Committee unanimously approved planning consent on 24 June.

The site is owned by the council which is developing a partnership with BoKlok as part of the five-year Bristol Housing Festival  – trialling ‘innovative offsite housing solutions’ across the city.

BoKlok UK Managing Director and Country Manager, Graeme Culliton, said: “We are delighted that we are able to bring forward our first project in the UK…

“We particularly welcome the councillors’ positive comments on the family and child friendly design of our development, as well as their recognition that we strive to build inclusive communities.

“Throughout the evolution of this project we have partnered with the local community, Bristol City Council, and the Bristol Housing Festival to create quality, sustainable homes at a lower price.

“We continue to work with the planning officers to ensure that the proposed cycleway is safe for pedestrians and cyclists as they travel alongside our development.”

BoKlok’s first UK homes are expected to complete in 2021. The company has already built over 12,000 across Scandinavia.