People Power Bristol – looking for residents to tell their stories

A group which encourages grassroots community action is looking for local people to help shape the project and to tell their stories.

People Power Bristol aims to “explore individual and collective power” and is seeking people who can “connect, share ideas and discuss positive action.”

People Power event in Knowle West.

Travel costs will be provided and free optional training in photography, film and arts. Those taking part will also be able to contribute to a city-wide event.

A spokesperson for People Power explains: “We are a small group of likeminded people who promote neighbourhoods supporting each other, working within our respective communities to bring people together.

“We aim to provide a platform for activists to share stories, achievements and failures, with the goal of enriching knowledge and resources to bring back to our communities…’

Supported by the Bristol City Council’s Community Development Team – the group encourages people to take action by knocking on doors, introducing yourself and getting to know your neighbours as well as helping where you can and encouraging others to do the same.

To find out more contact Julia by emailing Julia.williams2@bristol.gov.uk or calling her on 0774 183 4552.