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Over half a billion to improve transport in West of England

Highest investment per head of population in the country

The West of England will receive a bumper injection of cash to improve local transport – with over half a billion pounds to be invested in the region.

Chancellor Rishi Sunkak is set to announce the figure for the area’s transport infrastructure in next week’s budget – which will be around £560 per person. 

The City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement was only available to certain areas with a Metro Mayor.

This is the highest investment per head of population in the whole country and Metro Mayor Dan Norris who led the charge to win the cash is delighted the West of England has “come out on top.”

Metro Mayor Dan Norris. Image WECA.

He said: “… This is a big success for our great region. It’s an important vote of confidence in the West of England. 

“Everyone locally knows why we need the cash – it’s to tackle traffic jams and the congestion holding us back. Currently only 1 in 11 commutes are made by public transport. This investment will also help us as we strive to meet our ambitious net zero targets by 2030.” 

The money secured is for the short to medium term – and will mainly be spent on improving the reliability of buses by creating more bus lanes and priority routes. 

“Now we must deliver…”

Metro Mayor Norris added: “A big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen including the Unitary authority leaders for agreeing to back a strategic bid with local contributions, and to our local civil servants on doing the essential leg-work to make this happen. 

“Now we must deliver. If we show the Government we can get on with the job they will trust us with more devolution, more powers, resources and cash – so let’s make it work.” 

Transport funding per head of population

West of England      £568.42 
Tees Valley               £457.77 
Liverpool                  £453.96 
South Yorkshire       £402.80 
Greater Manchester £375.66 
West Midlands          £357.16 
West Yorkshire         £353.91 

Main image: CB Bristol Design