Oasis Connaught gives an iPad to every pupil and teacher

Main image: Year 3 pupils at Oasis Academy Connaught using their new iPads during a lesson. Picture courtesy of Oasis Community Learning.

A Knowle West primary school is providing iPads for all pupils and teaching staff to increase access to education in the COVID pandemic – and close the digital divide.

Oasis Academy Connaught, on Melvin Square, recently distributed over 390 iPads and keyboard cases to students and staff – which it hopes will help improve the curriculum offered by the school.

The school is managed by Oasis Community Learning, which will be rolling out 35,000 devices to all 52 of its academies in the coming months – as part of its Horizons project.

The trust says this will be the largest investment in the provision of iPads in England to date.

The devices will support every student on their education journey regardless of their starting point – and help remove many of the barriers some young people face in accessing learning resources outside school.

It will mean they can do extra research at home and online learning wherever they are.

Every pupil will be taught how to make the most of their device and how to look after it. If an iPad is reported missing it can be locked remotely and then have its location tracked.

Year 3 pupils at Oasis Academy Connaught trying out their new devices (and below). Pictures courtesy of Oasis Community Learning.

Principal at Oasis Academy Connaught, George Fraser, said: “We are extremely excited to be part of the Oasis Community Learning Horizons project.

“Every child now has access to an exceptional device enabling them to complete research, enhance their learning and develop as learners.

“The project is digitally transforming Oasis Connaught, moving us to the cutting edge of technology and learning, enabling us to help our children prepare for the 21st century.”

One Year 5 student said: “It’s really helping me learn even more, both at school and at home. I can research topics we are learning at school at home. I now have the world at my fingertips!”

Regional Director for South West Primaries at Oasis Community Learning, Tom Verity, said: “Staff and students at Oasis Academy Connaught are delighted to be part of this exciting project that provides new opportunities for every one of our young people from Reception to Year 6.”