Nursery takes part in Clean Air day event

Devan (four) and mum Lisa taking part in the Clean Air Day event post their counters showing how they arrived at Knowle West Children’s Centre (KWCC).

Main picture: Julie and Teddy who love walking but don’t live near enough the school.
All pictures by Georgina Willcox from KWCC.

A local nursery took part in national Clean Air Day on 21 June to encourage parents to look at alternatives to using the car and reduce pollution around the school.

Knowle West Children’s Centre on Leinster Avenue asked parents and carers how they had travelled to the nursery as they arrived – and the different ways were marked by putting coloured counters in jars.

Head teacher Sarah Salmon explained: “We’ve been asking children how they got into school today … and all staff are trying to get to nursery in a different way – some have parked and walked, walked or cycled.

“We are trying all different ways to encourage families even to park a little bit away and walk as we are concerned about the air quality around the nursery school. We are doing it here and at Inns Court and there are pictures on Facebook of staff and how they came in…”

Emma Ferris who arrived with her children Reggie (four), Toby (one) and Bobbie (three) said: “I walk every day and it’s good to get fresh air and exercise. Weather doesn’t affect us…My eldest son has autism and it’s good to be out in the elements as it calms him down…”

Emma Ferris who walks to the Children’s Centre to drop off her son Reggie every day with Bobbie (two) and one-year-old Toby.

Emma Oakley who was dropping off her son Braydon (four) said: “I only live at the end of the road and don’t drive…It’s quite busy out there with cars and better for air quality…”

Emma Oakley with Braydon (four) arriving at nursery.

Katie Lea  Lea and Carlton Bodkin cycle every day with their children Fern (two) and Dylan (four) from Windmill Hill.

Katie says: “Its really congested with the cars and quicker for us by bicycle and we don’t want to be driving. We have electric bikes so can get up quickly and easily up the hills.”

But many parents who didn’t live close to the school said they had come by car because they didn’t have a choice.

Sam Pearce (35) said: “I have come from Hartcliffe with three children and it’s too far to walk. I have to drop some at another school…”

And grandmother Cindy Bater (59) who dropped her grand-daughter Rainie (3) said; “I live too far away and I have to go to work afterwards.”

Longest serving member of staff Jane George said: “I try to walk everywhere for exercise and keep fit. It saves fumes from the cars and makes people feel better.”

Longest-serving staff member Jane George who always walks to the nursery every day.