Northern Slopes Initiative

The Northern Slopes Initiative is a group of local people which maintains, conserves and enhances their local green spaces, known as the Northern Slopes, or the Slopes.

The Slopes consist of 4 areas between Knowle, Bedminster and Knowle West in South Bristol. They are known as  The Bommie, Glyn Vale, Kingswear and The Novers.

Originally set up to protect the areas from housing development, the Group has expanded its work to encourage others to join with them so that the areas can be a nature reserve for the well-being of people and wildlife.

Since 2001 the Initiative has been:

  • Encouraging more people to use and get involved in the Slopes
  • Working to raise awareness of how brilliant the sites are
  • Finding out what people want to happen – we are always looking for new ideas
  • Developing ways of maintaining and improving the areas without losing their unique character, stunning views and special places.
  • Carrying out projects with others, including adding artwork, improving the wildflower areas and keeping paths safe for people to use.
  • Running a weekly Green Gym for people to come and get some exercise while also improving their health and well-being
  • Holding events for people to come and enjoy.
  • Raising funds to support the work

If you want to know more:

Visit the website below to find out about the sites and the latest news and events which are happening.


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