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The idea behind the Nlarge vs Knowle West project, is to engage the young people from Nlarge Photography in South Bristol in the plans surrounding the [intlink id=”172″ type=”page”]regeneration of South Bristol, particularly Knowle West[/intlink].

Nlarge are a group of young photographers based at the Knowle West Media Centre that meet on a weekly basis to learn photographic skills alongside professional photographers.

It is the ambition of the Nlarge vs….  series to create a photographic archive of those areas scheduled for [intlink id=”172″ type=”page”]regeneration within Knowle West[/intlink]. Alongside this archive and drawing inspiration from the Banksy vs Bristol City Museum exhibition, the project asks the young people to re-visualise their local area and to engage with the possibilities regeneration could bring.

A strong sense of community activity and an increase in the provision of facilities for the area is communicated in their work so far. Nlarge hope to continue with this project into areas of Knowle West such as:

  • [intlink id=”2337″ type=”page”]Filwood Broadway[/intlink]
  • Melvin Square
  • Northern Slopes
  • Novers Hill

It is hoped that the work presented here is just the beginning of a longer-term goal enabling community involvement in issues regarding the regeneration of the local environment that has a direct impact on their everyday lives.

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