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New home for boxing club?

 By community reporter Charlie Watts

Local sporting legend Chris ‘Skemer’ Winters is hoping to secure Jubilee Hall in Wedmore Vale as the new home for his boxing club.

The club is currently on land in Tavistock Road owned by The Park – however it has been forced to relocate as the organisation plans to develop the site to invest in its future.

The Park says: “As a charity, we have a responsibility to ensure that we are sustainable and can continue the important work that we do for the whole community.

“We wanted to give the boxing club as much time as possible to find alternative premises.”

They originally gave Skemer a deadline of 1 August to have moved off the site, but this has been extended to 31 December following community pressure.

Skemer says that the club – known for its anti-bullying classes – is needed to “keep the kids off the street.”

“I’m putting so much confidence back into our youth and putting a bit of discipline into them,” he says.

He thanks The Park, the Mayor, Filwood Councillor Chris Jackson and the community for their help in the hunt to find the boxing club a new home.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees visited the threatened boxing club last November.

Bristol City Council’s Cabinet Member for Sport, Councillor Kye Dudd says: “We will continue to do what we can to support the boxing club and maintain this valuable community asset.

“We are currently looking to see if there are any options for a new home for the club that we can help with and whether we can find a feasible option out of our own properties.”

Jubilee Hall is one building that has been touted as a potential new home for the boxing club, with Skemer keen to take over the council-owned property.

He says: “Hopefully Jubilee Hall in Wedmore Vale will be the place. Fingers-crossed the council will grant me the building.”