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New health and wellbeing walks round South Bristol

By Community Reporter and walk leader Vincent White 

Main image: Walk leaders at Knowle West Healthy Living Centre. Back (L to R) Mervyn Trowbridge and Derek Sawtell and front Mark Butterfield and Vincent White. Picture Laura Hathway. 

Knowle West Health Park has new and interesting walks starting in the area – which incorporate bits of local history, nature and scenic views. 

These also have the benefits of improving physical and mental wellbeing  – along with meeting new people and socialising. 

They are coordinated by Laura Hathway who has worked for Knowle West Health Park since 2008 and runs a team of trained volunteer walk leaders. 

She says: “I get immense satisfaction from my role as a walk coordinator, supporting people’s mental health, wellbeing and their growing confidence of getting out of isolation in their homes…” 

The walks cater for all abilities and cover areas such as the Northern Slopes, Redcatch Park and Crox Bottom as well as Whitchurch Airfield. Another being considered is from Filwood Tree Champion Jim Smith, an expert on trees and plants.  

Walker Robert Allward says: “I feel happier, feel fitter and get around more and don’t feel so anxious – and it’s been good for my mental health.” 

And Shaun Pater who has also been benefitting from taking part says: “It’s a morning walk to start you for the week.”

The walks take place in the mornings Mondays to Thursdays at various times between 9.30 to 10.30am, leaving from the Health Park or other local sites.  For more information email Laura at: