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New bakery in Knowle West

Main image: Owners Paul and Lavinia in the new bakery. Picture Gail Bevan.

A new bakery which has just opened in Knowle West is already proving popular with locals.

Yummy Yummy, based at the Jarman’s rank of shops on Leinster Avenue, is so called because it sells a range of bread, pastries, doughnuts and other sweet treats.

It’s run by Paul Canela and his wife Lavinia Serban, originally from Romania, who have been touched by the well wishes from local people.

Paul says: “We chose to open in this area because we checked the shops and there wasn’t a bakery around here.

“People are pleased and happy to have a bakery – we bake every day to be fresh and the most popular are the doughnuts.”

Teas and coffees are available either to drink in or as takeaways and the bakery also offers rolls and pizza for those wanting a quick lunch.

Paul outside the bakery at Jarman’s. Picture Josie Gyasi.

The couple also have a new baby, David, who was only a month old when they first opened – so they have their hands full and split shifts in the shop so they can take turns to look after him.

It took them four months to do up the empty shop which is between Caspian Fish Bar and Knowle Barbers.

Future plans may include deliveries and more products for sale – but the pair want to see how things go first in the new enterprise.

Paul says: “We just hope to do well in our business for everyone in the area.”

Yummy Yummy is open seven days a week, from 7.30-11am and 2-6pm.