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New asymptomatic testing site in city centre

With COVID-19 infection rates rising in Bristol – the council has added a new centre for residents to access asymptomatic community testing.

A new walk-in PCR testing site opened at Bristol Harbour at the weekend, for people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

The site at Hanover Quay is particularly aimed at young people visiting or meeting friends in the area, local hospitality and leisure staff and nearby residents.

With a high number of cases in the under 30 age group, the council is urging people to get tested – even if they don’t have symptoms – as the vaccination programme continues.

Director for Communities and Public Health, Christina Gray said: “We are once again at a critical point in the pandemic, with the number of infections per 100,000 of the population back up at over 100, from less than 20 just four weeks ago.

“This rate is rising sharply every day, and we’re seeing people unwell with COVID-19 in our hospitals again, putting additional pressure on our NHS. After the last eighteen months of hard work and sacrifice we’ve all given, this is the last thing we want to see for Bristol.”

She said with one in three people carrying the virus without displaying symptoms – they needed to find these cases so that people could isolate and stop the spread.

Ms Gray added: “I know it’s tiring to keep hearing the same messages over and over again, but a few small actions really do make a difference. Please keep washing your hands, covering your face where necessary and giving others space. Keep taking your regular lateral flow (rapid) tests twice a week. If you’re 18 and over, please book in your vaccination.”

Lateral flow (rapid) tests are available to everyone in Bristol through local pharmacies, collection sites in the city and by ordering packs online at

To find out where to access lateral flow (rapid) tests near you, visit the local authority’s rapid testing guide.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test on or by calling 119.

Support is on offer through the We Are Bristol helpline for anyone who needs emergency assistance getting food, medicines or guidance about financial support to self-isolate. Call 0800 694 0184 for free if you need help.