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Neighbourhood Partnership to become ‘dementia friendly’

By Community Reporter Rianna Newman

The Neighbourhood Partnership area of Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill is set to become an official ‘Dementia Friendly’ area.

Equalities Champion for the Neighbourhood Partnership and local resident Lee Reed is heading the campaign – which is about giving people living and working in the community “the skills to adapt”.

He says: “It’s all about making little adjustments that make a massive difference … by making small changes you can help people to live well.

“For example in Somerset they have cards in shops with pictures of coins on them with their value by the tills.  But it is also about changing pre-conceptions..”

Lee says he hopes to have achieved his goal within a year – but first needs to build a Dementia Alliance of local people and put together an action plan.

He explains: “I want a collective of people with different experience – people with dementia, those living with someone with dementia … as well as people who would just like to know more… “

Lee will be holding information sessions across the Neighbourhood Partnership – and will also be spreading the word to parents at local primary schools in September.

Chair of the Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDDA), Tony Hall, says being a ‘Dementia Friendly’ area means everybody there “knows what dementia is, how to recognise the symptoms and how to manage people with the disease.”

He explains: “The community will support, care for and invite those living with dementia into their normal, everyday activities – this includes business, schools, youth activities, clubs, organisations and faith groups.”

The BDDA was formed in 2013 with the aim of making Bristol a “Dementia Friendly City” and also to reduce stigma around the disease.

Anyone living in Filwood, Knowle or Windmill Hill wanting to get involved or find out more should contact Lee Reed on 0787 406 1662 or email