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Missional group to move into Sisters of Charity House


Following the recent departure of the Sisters of Charity from their house on Filwood Broadway – a local missional group is set to move in this year.

Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities – which has been based in Lisburn Road, Knowle West, since 1992 – has successfully applied to Bristol City Council to change the house’s use from a convent. This will allow male members of the Christian community to live there.

Community member Ed Palairet said he had met with Sister Maura and Sister Jackie who were pleased the building would continue to be a “place of prayer”.

The purchase of the house showed “an investment by Lee Abbey in the future of life in Knowle West.”

He said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for Lee Abbey community members and supporters nationwide…

“This move will enable the younger community to expand in numbers, while continuing to resource the local churches and help out in local community activities…”

The group is part of registered charity the Lee Abbey Movement and currently has four adult members and two children. Their work includes helping with church services and local projects, volunteering in schools and organising Churches Together Social gatherings.

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