Metro Mayor urges solidarity with Ukraine

Image courtesy of West of England Combined Authority

The West of England Metro Mayor has expressed his personal support to the Mayor of Kiev at this critical moment for Ukraine as Russian troops cross the border. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris wrote to his counterpart and passed on the good wishes of the people of the West of England. And he asked Mayor Vitali Klitschko the best way they could show their support to his city. 

Mr Norris has already begun a review of Russian inward investment into the West of England and has held discussions with groups including Business West. 

“I know the people of our region will be deeply concerned by the scenes in Ukraine…”

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “Hostile helicopters, tanks and explosions in Europe – this is not what any of us wanted or expected to see in the 21st century. It harks back to a darker time and so we must act. 

“At a national and international level the hardest possible sanctions must now be implemented against all those linked to the Putin regime. But we here in the West of England also have our part to play. 

“Looking at the Russian finance coming into the region is the right and moral thing to do. I know the people of our region will be deeply concerned by the scenes in Ukraine and the threat to the democratically elected government in Kiev and Ukrainian way of life. The actions over the last few days by the Russian government is a grave danger to international order and stability.”