Merrywood Revisited Newsletter

A group of former pupils of Merrywood School have produced the first newsletter for all ex-Merrywood pupils. The aim of the newsletter is to connect with former pupils , reflect on shared memories and for those who weren’t around, to learn about the history of now closed schools in Knowle West.

The newsletter has been created to compliment the monthly Grounded Merrywood Social Club (held at Bedminster’s Grounded cafe). With over 1000 members on their Facebook group, the hope is to reach out to more ex-“Merrywooders”, provide an enjoyable read and trip down memory lane.

“I had, for a long time, wanted there to be a way for all people with a Merrywood connection to keep in touch and to find long lost friends. I knew that an annual reunion would not be the solution, although I took on organising those, too.
Before me, the annual reunions were organised by the very capable Richard Hughes and Colin O’Connell and we are all grateful for all their past efforts. Anyway, I wanted a way in which ex-Merrywooders could meet in a regular and informal way and the network we created would be the way in which long lost friends could be found by collective help.”
Philip Miles

You can read the group’s first published newsletter below:

For more information about the Grounded Merrywood Social Club, visit their Facebook page.

Contributed by Anita Pearce.