Medals awarded to two dedicated men for their work in the Knowle West community

Main image: Tim Jones receiving his medal from the Lord Mayor Councillor Steve Smith. Picture Vicky Beckwith.

Two dedicated community members have been honoured with awards this week for the huge contribution they have made to Knowle West.

Trustee of The Park Centre and youth charity Youth Moves, Clive Harry, received the British Empire Medal (BEM) – while Chair of Community in Partnership Knowle West (CIPKW) and Filwood Broadway Working Group, Tim Jones, was given the Lord Mayor’s Medal.

British Empire Medal
Clive Harry with his British Empire Medal given by the Lord-Lieutenant of the City and County of Bristol, Peaches Golding at a ceremony at The Park. Picture courtesy of Louise Hunt.

Clive Harry was awarded the BEM in a ceremony at The Park in Daventry Road – for nearly 50 years’ service to the area.

He received his medal from the Lord Lieutenant of the City and County of Bristol, Peaches Golding,

The BEM is awarded for a “hands-on” service to the local community – that has made “a significant difference”.

A serving trustee of The Park and Vice Chair of Youth Moves, Clive first came to Knowle West as a teacher at Merrywood School in 1973 – and has been working and volunteering in the community ever since.

A PE specialist, he also taught English, Drama and “just about everything else”. His roles included Head of Year, Deputy Head and Acting Head.  Through pastoral care he discovered “the powerful part schools could play in addressing deprivation if they chose to fully engage with the community.”

When the amalgamated school was faced with closure in 2000, Clive formed a community action group to fight the plan.

In the face of the final closure decision, they mounted a further campaign, linked to the Community Education Service, to keep the buildings and 14-acre site as a community project. The Park was born in Sept 2000 – and Clive became manager.

After Merrywood School closed in 2000 – The Park became a thriving centre under Clive’s managership. Picture Robin Millard.

The challenge was to turn the facility into a “vibrant, self funding, Opportunity Centre for all ages and sections of the community” – and In 2012, Clive helped to establish a charity and The Park became independent of the City Council through the Community Asset Transfer process.

Clive with his grand-daughter when he was manager of The Park during the Queen’s visit there in 2005 and below, the new building which the organisation transferred to in February this year. (Picture Xanthe Swift).

From the early 80s until his retirement in 2014, he was also involved in “every aspect of the Knowle West regeneration agenda” working closely with the other schools, local organisations and youth centres and served on many groups related to regeneration funding, planning and education.

He says: “My passion for KW remains as intense. As well as a personal sense that it recognised a job well done, I also felt that the efforts of the dedicated colleagues and friends who shared the journey with me, shared the accolade. That gave me great satisfaction and pleasure.”

Director of The Park Emma Hinton says: “The Park was very proud to host the investiture ceremony for Clive to receive his BEM. Clive has worked tirelessly in the community of Knowle for over 40 years and too see this hard work recognised is fantastic. Clive continues to be part of the community by being on the board of The Park and also Youth Moves.”

Lord Mayor’s Medal

Tim Jones – Chair of CIPKW which runs Filwood Community Centre and volunteer Chair of Filwood Broadway Working Group (FBWG) – was presented with the Lord Mayor’s Medal at the Mansion House in Clifton on Tuesday.

Now in its 39th year, these awards celebrate “the achievements and charitable efforts of Bristolian citizens who have gone above and beyond for their communities over the past year.”

Tim was one of one of 16 individuals and two organisations to receive the medal from the Lord Mayor, Councillor Steve Smith, who said it was “a great honour to meet these inspiring people.”

Tim Jones (second row and second from the left) was one of 16 individuals and two organisations to be honoured in Bristol this year. Picture Bristol City Council.

As a ‘hands-on” Chair of CIPKW and volunteer CEO of Filwood Community Centre – Tim and the team have seen the popular Centre become a ‘thriving community asset”. 

Under Tim’s leadership Filwood Community Centre has been transformed into a thriving community asset.

As voluntary Chair of FBWG, a residents group launched in 2021 – he has helped bring many different voices and views to the table – including holding regular stalls at the monthly Filwood Community Market to make sure residents’ opinions are heard.

Tim (front right) at the market with members of Filwood Broadway Working Group.

Tim supports the group to work with council officers, while also securing budget and professional help to make sure ideas and plans for the Broadway happen.

He has also helped to create and build the Knowle West Alliance – which launched in 2019 and works to connect residents and organisations to “do things differently”.  

With a focus on “a thriving community”, the Alliance has pulled in resources and opportunities – such as giving out small grants to anyone wanting to improve their area. These stories of change are then shared and help to inspire others to get involved. 

Tim says: ” It’s a great honour to receive a Lord Mayor’s medal, but the reasons for the award are all about my involvement in the work going on in Knowle West. So, I take this as a recognition of the tremendous amount of teamwork involving both volunteers and professionals around our area.”

Alliance member and CEO of re:work Vicky Beckwith says: “…Working on bringing together people who want to revitalise Filwood Broadway, Tim has worked to the mantra that ‘if the community can articulate what should happen on the street then there is no reason why this can’t happen.’

“He acknowledges and listens to difficulties then looks for the people and methods to work round them. He has made this community a better place to live and work.”

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