You may have seen or heard about changes to parts of our area where houses, schools and other buildings have been built or are proposed.

Have you wondered why this is happened?

It could be that the change is part of the Regeneration of our area started in 2012.

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework was agreed by Bristol City Council and runs until 2032.

What is involved in the Regeneration?

This is a map of changes agreed in 2012 to our area


It covers from Airport Road/Hengrove Road in the South; Hartcliffe Way in the West; to Lynton/Marksbury and Wingfield Roads in the North; and finally, Redcatch/Axbridge/Salcombe and Broadfield Roads in the East.

You can see that there is a wide range of change proposed – including building new homes, to refurbishing existing homes, better walking and cycling links, better community facilities, better green spaces, new retail and new business opportunities.

A lot of the changes have been already delivered (eg: Filwood Park, Marksbury Road school area and Filwood Green Business Centre), others are on the way – and some have been changed or may not be taken forward.

To find out more about the Regeneration from Bristol City Council go to:


Who is involved in the Regeneration?

The main organisation involved is the City Council and its various departments.

There are also various organisations and individuals involved, including private developers, housing associations, Government Departments, local Councillors for Filwood and Knowle Wards; and community groups.

How can I find out more about, or get involved in, or comment on the Regeneration – especially for changes near me?

There are a number of ways of doing this:

  • To find out what is going on, if you have access to Facebook join the Knowle West Alliance group https://www.facebook.com/KWAlliance; or keep an eye on news shown on this website. Alternatively read the Knowledge or the Bristol Post in hard copy. You can also join a local group – including those listed below.
  • To get involved and comment on the Regeneration – join one of the following local groups:
Area Covered and name of group.Contact them through….
Western Slopes – Friends of Western SlopesFacebook page – (2) Friends Of The Western Slopes (Novers Hill) | Facebook
Email – westernslopesbristol@outlook.com
Northern Slopes – Northern Slopes InitiativeFacebook page –(3) The Northern Slopes | Facebook
Email – enquiries@northern-slopes-initiative.co.uk
Knowle West Health Park – Friends of Knowle West Health ParkFacebook page – (2) Knowle West Health Park Community Group | Facebook
The Park, Daventry Road – The ParkEmail: enquiries@theparkcentre.org.uk
Filwood Broadway – Filwood Broadway Working GroupEmail: Filwood21@aol.com
Regeneration Area – Filwood Residents AssociationFacebook:(3) Filwood Residents Association | Facebook
Email: casey.carol88@yahoo.co.uk
Regeneration Area – Knowle West Residents VoiceFacebook: (3) Knowle west resident’s voice | Facebook
Email: knowlewestresidentsvoice@gmail.com

There is another group, the Knowle West Regeneration Residents Planning Group (KWRRPG) which is providing training for people to help them understand things better and take part in the Regeneration. If you want to know more about that – please email: kwrrpg@gmail.com