Knowle West Future: Your voice, Your choice


Knowle West Future (KWF) wants to achieve a thriving community in our area, through the Knowle West Regeneration plans agreed in 2012 and other initiatives.

We already have local councillors and people from Knowle West Alliance, Filwood Community Centre (FCC), Knowle West Health Park, The Park, Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), The Park Centre,   Northern Slopes Initiative (NSI); Youth Moves and re:work  involved. But we would love to see others involved especially local residents, local community groups and businesses.

We are focusing on the following:

  • Using working groups to examine specific issues, problems, geographical areas and finding a way forward (eg: Filwood Broadway, Knowle West Health Park etc)
  • Commenting on formal planning documents and initiatives that affect the Regeneration area. From strategic documents looking at the wider picture, through pre-planning application and public consultations; and when resources allow formal Planning Applications, for major developments (eg: Filwood Broadway, Western Slopes, The Park, Inns Court, Northern Slopes etc.). We do not cover small developments or changes to individual properties.

Arrangements for engaging with the local residents on major planning applications; and liaison with the City Council on the Regeneration is covered by the Knowle West Alliance. For further information contact

Please join us if you can, either by attending discussions/events or by keeping in touch using email below or Facebook or Twitter. You would be very welcome.

If you wanted copies of letters and what we do at meetings email us on with your request.


We usually meet on the third Weds of the month – between 5pm and 7pm.

At the moment we are using Zoom – instead of meeting in Filwood Community Centre.

All are welcome to join us.

If you want to join us please email on the contact email below – so we can give you details of what is being talked about etc.

Don’t forget our Facebook page –

or Contact us on

To find out more about the background to the Regeneration and what the Council is doing click on these two links:

→ The Bristol City Council Regeneration Plans