Knowle West Wishes

What do you wish for?

Look out for the Knowle West Wishing Stars this spring.

Each one links to things to do at home and around Knowle West with lots of ways for you to get involved.

Knowle West Wishes is a creative project made by and for Knowle Westers that focuses on hopes and dreams for the future.

Each of the wishing stars has a different positive theme, such as love and luck to lift spirits and improve wellbeing in these difficult locked down times.

Find the stars!

Each theme has a decorated wishing star for you to find somewhere in Knowle West.

Look for stars in shop windows and other public places. The wishing stars link up to content on the Knowle West website – including interactive walking trails, activities for the community to make and display in their windows and connections to seasonal celebrations like Valentines Day and Easter. 

So all activities are accessible to people who cannot leave their homes as well as those who want to go on adventure to find the stars.

Wishes of Love

The Love star is in the window of the Re:Work office

Wishes of Kindness

Knowle West Wishes of Kindness – this star can be found at Knowle West Health Park.

Wishes of Luck

The Lucky star can be found at Filwood Library It is a tiny park with 3 hidden stars.

Wishes of Growth

The growth star can be found at Inns Court.

Wishes of Movement

There are lots of stars on this mural decorating the re:work shop. The theme is all about dancing and you can find out more about how to join in with Knowle West Bling here.

What do you wish for?

You can download this activity sheet here

Knowle West Quiz

You can download by clicking here

The Knowle West quiz is by Jim Smith from Filwood Chase History Society. Here are the answers!

  1. Where in Knowle West is a “Well Head” fed by a spring, installed in 1190?
  2. How many Novers steps are there?
  3. Which pub had a clock face high above it’s entrance?
  4. Which “square” had a public bomb shelter built on it?
  5. Where was the isolation hospital built in Knowle West?
  6. Where in Knowle West can you see a 17th century Stair Tower which was part of a medieval manor house?
  7. Name the road where a HUGE unexploded bomb was removed.
  8. What was the name given to the bomb?

Contact us

The website will also promote local groups so if you have something you’d like to share then do get in touch by email

Share your work

Follow the @KnowleWestWish Twitter Bot that is tweeting out phrases and pictures with a Knowle West Twist.

Tag your work with #KnowleWestWishes so we can see how you have joined in.

The Artists

The project is led by artist Lisa Cole and includes work and activities made by Knowle West artists Megan Clark-Bagnall, Claudia Collins, Julian Wood and others from the local community. Funded by Filwood Fantastic via Creative Civic Change and Imagination Funding from Bristol City Council.

Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole at work – photo by Claudia Collins

Lisa is an accomplished and multi skilled designer/maker who prefers to work in collaboration with other artists and agencies. Recent projects include the 12 Stars of Knowle West Xmas, a dementia engagement ArtBox with Bristol City Museums, a campaign to reduce litter on a major Bristol street and workshops for IKEA based around sustainability. She has a long history of working with communities on art based projects and strongly believes that creativity can bring happiness and hope.

One of her day jobs is as a graphic and website designer but she also teaches design and curates a tiny gallery which she has just written about in the Tiny Art Gallery Manual. Lisa is a prolific blogger and author who writes about ethical and sustainable living on a budget at and

Lisa is an associate artist of Bricks Bristol and a member of KWMC The Factory.
Instagram @lisa_cole_designer

Claudia Collins

Claudia Collins is the lead local artist and the featured artist for the Grow themed star – picture by Nicky Takes Photos

Claudia lives and works in Knowle West. She studied Creative Arts Therapies Studies and Art, whilst studying she found out she was Dyslexic which inspired her to create Brislexic – a playful celebration of the strengths that people with dyslexia have. 

Last summer with the help of the Filwood Fantastic and the Knowle West Alliance she began the Knowle West Beaches project which spread sunshine around the streets during the start of the pandemic. She helped Meg with the Filwood Fantastic Golf Club as Claudia the Caddie and you may have seen her cycling as a bunch of Grapes for her Gram-o-Gram or at Christmas as the Reading Reindeer with Santa.  And the latest of Claudia’s dressing up escapades is the carrot! You may spot Claudia the carrot soon, especially when the Grow Star is released 🥕🥕🥕🥕

Instagram – Knowlewestbeaches, Brislexic, Claudiathecarrot

Grapeogram Twitter – bristol2bristol 

Megan Clark-Bagnall

Meg is the featured artist for the Love themed star

Megan has been making fun/ny projects with people for the past 15 years. Her favourite thing about living in Knowle West is the spectacular views and the rich community spirit. 

Megan celebrates the good and the excellent in human nature to create sincerely feel good art. Megan doesn’t make very serious art, but she is very serious about making art. She enjoys smashing together mainstream culture and the art world to create striking large- scale art installations, performances that tell stories and immersive events that everyone is invited to take part in.

Her playful projects tend to be questioning, queer, fun, humorous, bitter-sweet and surprisingly sobering at times. Her work is often dressed up in Fruit Salad chew colours; pink and yellow. Megan is also known as : 

  • Meg from Make With Meg 
  • Bingo Meg from Carboot Disco Bingo 
  • The lady who visited every Little Chef before they closed down. 

Megan is an associate artist with BRICKS BRISTOL, Theatre Orchard, Terrestrial & Knowle West Media Centre FACTORY. Make With Meg is a YouTube channel from the artist Megan Clark-Bagnall. It is designed for an intergeneration audience, packed full of crafty tips & top tricks that mirror themes in her large scale art projects to help U DO U!
Instagram: @ClarkBagnall @MakeWithMeg

Julian Wood

Julian Wood is The Art of Kindness. He is the featured artist for the Kindness star.

Julian Wood is The Art of Kindness! The project aims to increase the amount of kindness and love we share with each other, mainly through loving messages. I believe passionately that we ALL have equal value and that we are all incredible! I’ve run the project since 2010, and now it’s really hitting a chord with people. For more information, please visit or my social media accounts @theartkindness . Do get in touch if you’d like to help, or receive some kindness!

Penny and Helen

Hello we’re Penny and Helen and we are resident dance specialists for Filwood Community Centre during 2021. Over the next few months we will be hosting some ‘dance happenings’ around the local area and online.

We hope to get the people of Knowle West moving and shaking, through some fun activities for everybody and every BODY, and you don’t need dance experience to get involved!

This dance residency has been awarded by Bristol Dance Future’s ‘Dance Connects’ programme that focuses on partnering local organisations with dance artists.

There are 4 Dance Connects partnerships across Bristol this year and TWO of them are in Knowle West. Get in!

Penny’s dance company Movema celebrates the diversity of our communities and Helen’s company Rise Youth Dance provides enriching opportunities for young people in Bristol, so we are very excited to share our dance experience with the local neighbourhood.

Our first ‘dance happening’ is a music video made to the spectacular Knowle West Bling jingle written in response to the residents community mission for Filwood Fantastic. (Project by Filwood Community Centre & Knowle West Media Centre, supported by Creative Civic Change).

The dance from the video will be part of the wonderful Knowle West Wishes project highlighting 5 ways to wellbeing through a trail of interactive stars.
Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Move’ star and follow the instructions to dance along with us and watch the music video.

Funded by

Another big load of fun from Filwood Fantastic – a collaboration between Filwood Community Centre, Knowle West Media Centre and KWMC: The Factory.