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Knowle West Wishes of Luck

What do you want to do?

Can you find the treasure?

The star for the theme of Luck is in the library window. There are 3 gold stars hidden in it. Can you find them all? If you look around the green spaces in Knowle West you might find some stars painted onto the paths too. If you see one, take a picture and post it on social media using #KnowleWestWishes.

This video will tell you where the stars are hidden in our tiny star park

Follow the lucky trail

Can you find the star trail? It starts from the library but where does it go and what happens on the way?

Have you seen the treasure hunt star in the library window?

The luck of the Irish

In the American gold rush, back in the 19th century, some of the most famous miners were originally Irish. Their fame and fortune led to the phrase ‘luck of the Irish‘.

There are 23 streets in Knowle West named after places in Ireland. Can you find them all? And have you noticed the Irish street name signs at Knowle West Media Centre? Each one has a little peep hole where you can see photos from the past.

Where are the streets in Ireland?

Find the other stars

The love star is at the Re:Work offices
The Kindness star is at the Health Centre

Connect with the stars

You can find us on Twitter where our bot is posting out messages of love and kindness. @KnowleWestWish

You can email us

Find out more about the other stars and the artists involved in the project here.