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Knowle West Wishes of Growth

What do you want to do?

Find the Growing Star

Our very own Claudia Collins has decorated the signboard at Inns Court with loads of bright flowers. If you look closely you might find some seed bombs – they are for you to take away, break up and scatter.

At the start of the year Inns Court had an amazing sign made of litter found in the area. We are so sad it was vandalised so we have put our star up to bring some hope and love. If the seed bombs are vandalised they will just grow some really pretty flowers.

Grow a sunflower

  1. Sunflowers like lots of space, so you can grow them straight into the garden or in a big pot.
  2. Choose a sunny position – they follow the sun with their flowers!
  3. Plant seeds the depth of your fingernail at least 10cm apart. It doesn’t matter which way up.
  4. Cover them with soil and water them gently.
  5. Slugs and snails love tasty new sunflower plants. You can use crushed eggshells or old coffee grounds to deter them.
  6. Protect seedlings with a home made cloche made from a plastic water bottle. Cut the top off the bottle and place it gently over the plant. This will act like a mini greenhouse so you might need to water more frequently.
  7. As your sunflower grows, support it with a cane and tie it loosely to the plant.
  8. Water when the soil is dry and treat to some plant food every now and then.

Watch a sunflower grow

This sunflower is grown under special lights but a sunny outdoor space will be just as good.

Find the other stars

There will be 5 Knowle West Wishing Stars in total. The Grow star is number 4. Each star has a theme and lots of activities to do inside and outside.

Wishes of Love

The Love star is in the window of the Re:Work office

Wishes of Kindness

Knowle West Wishes of Kindness – this star can be found at Knowle West Health Park.

Wishes of Luck

The Lucky star can be found at Filwood Library It is a tiny park with 3 hidden stars.